Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Serum No.5 Pink Lantern and FW13 Collection

I have some amazing new lacquers from Serum No.5 to share!  I have a few colors from the new FW13 Collection and a returning favorite, Pink Lantern.

First up I combined Pink Lantern with Second Spring.  I applied three coats of each polish.

Pink Lantern is a tad darker in person.  My camera tends to wash out pink.  This is such a pretty pink and a perfect way to show your support!

Second Spring is beautiful!  I absolutely love the glitter mix in this polish! And the base has this amazing shimmer!

And the glow in the dark!  Wow!

Here is three coats of Acai of Relief and one coat of Best Witches as an accent.

Acai is a stunning duochrome! It flashes between blue and green.  I really should have used a black or dark purple base!  

And just look at that glitter!  One coat!  The slightly grey base of Best Witches changed Acai into something special.  Do you see that yellow glitter...dead!

My last combo is the two holos, Jaded and A Cup of Teal.  These holos are beyond words! I applied two coats of each but Teal was so close to being a one coater.

I decided to use these both to create a gradient.
Aren't they beautiful together??

These lacquers are simply amazing! They would be the perfect addition to any fall mani!
Head over to the Serum No.5 store for these lacquers and more!


  1. Pretty, pretty! I've never seen a pink glow in the dark polish before!

  2. These are all awesome, I can't pick a fave!


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