Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Skittles - Metal Skittle

After yesterday's ho hum skittle I decided to keep today's simple.  Plus I really wanted to use my Catrice Metal polishes again!

The polish!

Thumb and Middle - Steel My Heart
Index and Pinky - Steel My Soul
Ring - Forget-Me-Not (Not a Metal polish but it matched the mani perfectly and gives it that pop of color!)

These lacquers are stunning!

Using PUEEN27BM417, How I Matt Your Mother and Forget-Me-Not, I added my stamp skittle.

The photos do not do this mani justice!  You can't see the images on the dark polishes in the photos but in real life they really pop!

Look at all those colors in the lacquers!  WOW!

I decided to see how this mani would look matted.

Yep! Also stunning!  When you have amazing polish almost any mani looks gorgeous!

The Catrice Metal polishes are breathtaking!  I am so glad I was able to add them to my inventory!


  1. Beautiful shades! I love how the stamping really POPs when you applied the matte top coat! =)

  2. Yay for metallics, I love metallics :) I love the finished look, especially mattified!

  3. They both look great but I love the matte version!

  4. Love the subtle stamping, and the matte is perfect.

  5. These colors are gorgeous together!!

  6. very cool, Forget Me Not is amazing, i'm glad you added it in!

  7. Love it! You know I love me some Catrice! And matte! Bah! Gorgeous!

  8. Why do I not own any Catrice?! It's gorgeous :)

  9. So pretty. I love the effect on the purple nail when its matted!

  10. i hate it when you do great stamping but the camera doesn't see it. Using matte definitely helps. I love the colours here x

  11. Great idea to matte that purple! It looks so cool that way!

  12. i love the steel polishes (and the fact you call your polishes 'inventory'!)


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