Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TWEEZERMAN Neon and Fruit

Check out these new items from TWEEZERMAN!  

A tweeze a day keeps the unwanted strays away!  Alert the Press: "The little black dress" of beauty products just received a zesty and healthful makeover!  Now you can get your daily does of style and precision with the Tweezerman Fresh and Fruity Mini Slant Tweezer Series that are as cute as they are good for your brows.  The happy, colorful looks of the fruit-themed Mini Slant Tweezers will add some zest to any beauty routine.  Choose from bright and eye-catching citrus in upbeat orange, strawberries in ravishing red and pomegranates in passionate pink.  Prints that are just ripe for your brows!

These Mini Tweezers are going into my travel case immediately! How perfect are they?!?!

And this totally awesome neon file!  I won't be losing this in my purse!

Crank up the heat! Ignite your nail grooming routine with these new Neon Hot Filemates in three sizzling neon color combos.  These files will match the stylish color of your nails and brighten up your purse or beauty arsenal in a flash.  The new and improved professional quality files feature 100/180 grit for filing natural nails and medium sanding of acrylic nails.

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