Friday, November 22, 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Favorite Color - Mustard Yellow

Another week comes to an end and I have my second NCC design to share.  As I said in the first post, instead of doing one color for each design, I am featuring some of my favorite colors.  Today's favorite color is my first "It is so ugly it is beautiful!" shade.  I give you Nails, Inc. Hampstead Gardens.

I absolutely love this ugly color!  It is one of the best nail polish shades I have ever seen!

I decided to add a herringbone image using GA2 and Nails, Inc. Haymarket.

Doesn't this look fantastic??? I love this color combo!  Can I please have a sweater that looks exactly like this???

This is the perfect preppy manicure! Love it!


  1. What an awesome combination, especially in houndstooth!

  2. I have this and to me is more orange-you want mustard yellow? Get LCN Rita-that's one gorgeous yellow! Plus houndstooth is my all time fave pattern-so this rocks!

  3. ALSO one of my faves! And with mint?! Shut the door! I love it! I love it with navy blue, but now I think I like this more!

  4. Just great - I collect this type of shade - I like to find winter tops in this shade too - It's always been a shade that is good on me. Past 2 yrs I have rocked black and browns with this shade on my nails and coordinating boots. Nice with the turq over it

  5. I love the colour combination here xx

  6. Love this - It's one of my favorite Nails Inc. shades and people laugh at me and call it "poopy" - I'm glad you also have very good taste! Hahaha! ♥ And I love the houndstooth!

  7. I just can't get over how beautiful this colour combo is. And you know I'm a total houndstooth / dogtooth fiend.



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