Monday, November 25, 2013

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Favorite Color - Dirty Berry

I cannot wait to share today's manicure with you! Not only does it feature my all time favorite purple, I also tried a new idea that I think turned out amazing! all time favorite purple....Catrice Dirty Berry.

This beautifully, stunning holo purple is GORGEOUS!!  I just wish I could capture the amazingness of this polish!  It is drool worthy!

I decided to frame Dirty Berry using a dotting tool and Catrice Forget-Me-Not, also a stunning purple!

This is such a neat look!  Plus you don't have to have a steady hand like you would if you were doing a straight line frame. 

These purples are perfect together! I can't wait to use this technique again!


  1. i really like this purple, it's half holograph half metallic!

  2. Love it! The purple is incredible!

  3. I have the Dirty Berry polish and it's my favourite too!

  4. I love Dirty Berry, the gentle purple color combined with the holo effect is gorgeous!


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