Monday, November 4, 2013

U-Spicy Compact Nail Dryer

I have something a little different to post.  It does have to deal with nail polish it just isn't nail polish! How about a nail dryer???

Brand new in retail package (Individual Packing)
Ideal for drying nail Polish, Acrylic Nail
Battery Operated or DC Adaptor, Portable
Dimension: approx. 12cmW x 12.4cmL X 8cmD

As you can see this is just a standard nail fan.  There are no bells and whistle, most importantly no LED/UV light.  Having the light would have been better because the fan would have been more useful.  To operate the fan you press down on the pad, which results in a pretty powerful and steady stream of air.  The fan motor is a tad loud but not obnoxious.  If you are looking for a fan to speed up the dry time of you manicure this one might work for you.  

U-Spicy is currently running a promotion on Amazon.  You can get two fans for $19.99.

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