Friday, February 28, 2014

Catrice Bandana

I am so flipping excited to share my manicure with you! This manicure turned out so fantastic that removing may cause tears!

Thanks to Colores de Carol and her blog sale I added a stunning new white polish to my collection, Catrice Snow Motion!.  I applied two coats and all I thought about was Essie Marshmallow.  This white has the Essie feel without the three coats.  Complete and total love!

I stamped an image from MoYou Scholar Collection 04 using Catrice Blue Caro Ciao.

I added some pops of color using Catrice Raspberry Fields Forever and Yellow Sub-Mandarin.

I also added some sparkle using Northern Lights.

I am loving on these nails so hard right now!  The design is so clean and fresh and the colors are vibrant and bright!  I shall wear it forever! (ok maybe just a couple days until I have to do a new design)


  1. I love how bright and fun this is!

  2. This is SO much fun! I love the pop of fun colors against that creamy white background!

  3. Oooh! So pretty! That white is fabulous! And I had no idea that that Catrice could stamp! I have it! Oh the possibilities! :)

  4. this nail art is the cutest!!!

  5. That is such a fun mani! All your choices, with color and design, are spot on!

  6. I love this! The colors really pop on the white base!


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