Monday, February 3, 2014

Milani Crazy Stamping

All I have been wanting to do since I got the new Milani High Speeds is a stamping design.  The High Speeds are always great for stamping and the new bright colors look perfect!  I was also in the mood for a vibrant manicure.  Too much dark lately!  In the end I came up with this crazy, bright design.

I started with two coats of Colorful Coral.  

I added my first image using Sangria Rush and PUEEN24.

I layer my second image using Aqua Brisk and PUEEN22.

Just as I predicted! They stamped perfectly!  The colors are so bright and vibrant!  If you are looking for some new lacquers for stamping, you can't go wrong with Milani High Speeds!


  1. Pretty stamping manicure!! Its so fun :)

  2. Love how the second stamp really makes it pop!

  3. Crazy but gorgeous stamping! The colors are perfect!

  4. Wow these look amazing! The blue flowers are gorgeous. Emma & Jo.xx

  5. I don't see a crazy stamping, i see a beautiful idea!!! Kisses!


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