Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mint To Be Flowers

Having all this time to do random nail art feels weird!  I have been so busy with reviews and challenges that it has been forever since I could just play around.  I have so much freedom that I am actually having difficulty deciding what to do!  It is very frustrating!  So let's play around and see what I can come up with!

I have been feeling the bright colors lately and after some digging I picked out a goodie!  Here is two coats of Serum No. 5 Mint To Be.

Using PUEEN54 and Barry M Watermelon I added the first images of my design.

I added some flowers from the same plate using Barry M Pomegranate.

I am feeling very tropical right now!  I love the glitter under the image!  Time for sun and cocktails!


  1. How fun! Love the two bright stamping colors you used!

  2. I think this turned out splendidly! I love what you did!

  3. LOL, isn't it frustrating to have time on your hands (or your nails?) and a cabinet full of beautiful nail polish And not able to decide which to use!!! Well, you finally decided, and did a great job.


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