Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Summer - Flowers

I am finally getting back to the NCC theme.  I feels like it has been forever!  I have to say, I was a tad stumped on designs for this challenge.  As much as I am excited to play around with summer colors I was missing some creativity.  So let's see what I can come up with!

I came across a picture a few weeks ago of the most vibrant blue flowers I have ever seen.  The minute I saw them I knew I had to recreate them!

I started with two coats of Milani Blue Zoom.

I used White on the Spot and a small, flat nail art brush to add the white centers.

I used Canary for my hint of yellow.

And a tiny bit of Showy Sea Green.

There is no doubt that I captured the bright and vibrant colors of the flowers.  A perfect pick-me up!  


  1. LOVE IT§ and omg these flowers are just too beautiful to be real

  2. Love that blue base and the flowers you created are nice too!

  3. This is awesome! I love how "effortlessly" you did those flowers!

  4. I really, really like your interpretation of the flowers. So awesome!

  5. Love this nail art! Its the perfect cheery design to perk up a cold winter!

  6. So cute!! I wish the new Milani was in my area.


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