Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zoya Magical Pixies, Awaken and Monet Spring 2014

Are you ready for some brand new Zoyas?!?! Including Pixies?!?!  Well I created some fun spring designs using the Magical Pixies, Awaken Collection and a special glitter called Monet.

My first design is two coats of Cole with a little drippy Vega.

I love how this looks! Like my nails are encrusted in glitter! And the color contrast is amazing!

My next design is a half and half using Cosmo and Lux.  I realize that it is a tad difficult to see the change from pink to silver in the photos.  It is very subtle but stunning.

My last design is a skittle using Dillon, Hudson, Brooklyn, Rebel and Monet.

These lacquers are perfect for any Spring manicure! The cremes are a tad thin for my liking but they are beautiful.  I really love the shimmers, especially the purple! 

Let me know what you think of these new Zoyas! Share your designs on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram!

Purchasing Information:
$9.00 ea. (US) for Awaken and $10 for Monet.
Available on 

Purchasing Information:
$10.00 ea. (US) for Pixies
Available on 

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  1. Love the two manicures you did with the colors!


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