Friday, March 21, 2014

A Rhyming Dictionary Polish Swatches and Review

I am on a roll with new polishes this week!  I shared some new OPIs and KBShimmers and now I have a new to me Indie polish!  I love finding new Indie polish companies and supporting the growth of small business.  And when that polish is something special...that's just a bonus!  Today's indie is pretty special!

I have a selection of polish from A Rhyming Dictionary to share today!  The creator of this polish has found inspiration from the Oz books and created some fantastic polish!

The Dark WellDeep blue with holographic particles. It takes 3-4 thin coats to reach optimum opacity but undies could be recommended.

I layered one coat of over Barry M Blue Grape.  This bright and vibrant blue is fantastic!

Betsy BobbinMatte glitter with tiny pink, red, and salmon, medium green and blue, and large black circles.

I layered one coat over OPI Hey Baby.  This is such a fun glitter! I did have some trouble getting the bigger black circles out and fishing was required.  

Sunset - This glitter is currently not on the site.  

I applied one coat over OPI Miss You-Niverse.  You really can't see the undie with this glitter.  It is so packed full of glitter all you get is stunning-ness!  This was one of my favorites from the collection.  It is classically, gorgeous!

The Foolish OwlTiny matte pink hexes, 3 sizes of pink squares, white hearts, silver holo stars, and black dots.

I applied one coat over Revlon Hazy.  I did have to fish out the large pieces.  This is such a fun polish and I love the pink and grey!

Unc NunkieA combination of matte pink, red, lavender, turquoise, fine blue, and large purple hex’s with a micro-shimmering turquoise background to it and shimmering.

I layered one coat over KIKO 355.  This polish is my favorite in the collection! I love the colors and the shimmer.  I did have to fish for the larger glitters but the coverage was perfect.  

I decided to have some fun and added an argyle image.

Other than some fishing for the larger glitters, I really like these glitters.  They range from the stunning to the fun.  They have peaked my interest for the rest of the collection!  

These and other polishes can be purchased at A Rhyming Dictionary for $7.50.


  1. Nice swatches and review! Love the mani you created with them too.

  2. These swatches are beautiful!

  3. I can't even pick a favourite, these are amazing!

  4. Thanks for introducing us to this indie brand!


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