Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Untrieds - Three In One!

Instead of swatches, like my first two NCC posts for this theme, today I have some nail art!  I found two polishes and a stamping image that I have never used before and create a simple yet gorgeous manicure!

I started with two coats of the stunning Essie It's Genius.  

I added my image using Mash66 and Armed and Ready.

Both of these lacquers are gorgeous! I can't believe I wanted so long to use you notice this seems to be a pattern with me!  It is a very subtle manicure with a hint of fun!  Perfect for everyday wear!


  1. I like how vintage this looks to me :)

  2. Gorgeous! I really love subtle stamping like this. I think it's so pretty!

  3. I like the tone-on-tone look, especially after being bombarded with a lot of bright splashy nail art. It acts like a palate cleanser, very soothing and elegant. Lol at your never using these polishes - I am just a fairly recent polish addict and have accumulated a lot of polishes I haven't used yet. I can only imagine the polishes you have that are unused! There are so many collections coming out now and so many of them are must-haves!

  4. This is uber, molto elegant and stunning. I love it. :)


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