Monday, April 28, 2014

a-rhyming dictionary Calvin & Hobbes Collection Swatches and Review

Happy Monday Everyone!  I am trying to start the week as positive as possible.  Which really should be the goal for everyday, but we all know that sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.  At work, we are entering the end of the year. I can't believe that summer vacation is 28 days away.  The only bad part is that now it is crunch time and there is a lot of work to get done before this year ends! But I am going to remain positive and push through!  

One of the things that helps my positive attitude is pretty polish! I have a bunch of pretties to share with you today and I hope they make you as happy as they made me!

I have a new collection from a-rhyming dictionary polish!  This new collection has some amazing lacquers and they are based on the popular cartoon series Calvin & Hobbes!

First up are the glitters!

I applied one coat of G.R.O.S.S. over Barry M Papaya.  I love the contrast of these colors!  G.R.O.S.S. is a fantastic glitter with easy placement.  There was some glitter dragging but nothing concerning.

I dabbed Lots of Tiny Snowmen over butter LONDON Bossy Boots.  At first I was worried about this polish.  Typically when you have a glitter like this application is a pain.  It will take longer to dab this glitter on your nails but it is totally worth it!  This circle glitter mixture is brilliant!

I applied two coats of Hobbes.  This fantastic red-orange lacquer captures the essence of Hobbes!  If you are looking for a deeper color I would suggest layering it over a reddish-orange base.

Next are some beautiful shimmer/glitters/flakies.  There is a lot going on with these lacquers!

I applied two coats of The Trans-Magnifier.  The formula was a tad thick but this didn't ruin the application.  It is a stunning blue!  You could layer this over a blue base to deepen the color.  When this lacquer hits the light it burst with colors.  Unfortunately I could not capture this in the photos.

I applied two coats of Rosalyn.  This is a gorgeous purple-blue lacquer.  It is just full of shimmery goodness!

I applied two coats of Bath Time.  I am absolutely in love with this lacquer!  It is is unique and breathtaking!  Just look at all the colors! 

The last set has a stunning dark flakie and two amazing holo/flakies!

I applied two coats of I'm Ho-ome!.  This lacquer is my favorite of the collection!  The dark purple with gold flakies is magnificent! 

I applied two coats of Snow & Tell.  This beautiful gold lacquer has hints of holo and flakies.   Overall effect is simply stunning!

I applied one coat of Stupendous Man.  That's right I said one coat!  This amazing pink holo/flakie only takes one coat to be truly gorgeous!

I decided to have some fun with Stupendous Man! I sponged I'm Ho-ome! to the tips.  It created this amazing gradient.  Just look at those gold flakes!

This collection really is amazing! There are so many uniquely, stunning lacquers!  

What are your thoughts? Which ones are pulling at your purse strings?

This collection will be available through the a-rhyming dictionary store!  Keep an eye out for their release!


  1. The circle glitter looks super cool! :)

  2. Some nice colors here! I love the glitter a lot.

  3. I really like G.R.O.S.S. and Lots of Tiny Snowmen. The circle glitters in that one are so pretty.

  4. Lots of Tiny Snowmen is preetttttyyyyy :)


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