Thursday, April 10, 2014

All The White Polish!

I really enjoyed working on yesterday's post! It was fun sharing my favorite nail art polish.  I decided that I need to do more of these types of posts.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge, hence why I'm a teacher!  Before I go back to some new designs, I want to do one more informative post!

As you probably already know white is my absolute favorite polish!  Anytime I hear about a new white being released I want to know everything about it.  Most importantly, how soon can I add it to my collection!  Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad whites out there.  Either too thin, needing many coats, or streaky and still needing many coats.  If you love white polish as much as me then you will love today's post!

My first white will probably look familiar because you saw it yesterday!

Milani White On the Spot - a perfect white, opaque in one coat and fast drying.

Barry M White - flawless formula, opaque in almost one coat and a clean, crisp white. Thank goodness I have two bottles! Barry M hear my cries and start selling your amazing polish is the US!!!

butter LONDON Cotton Buds - oh, butter LONDON I loved you before you added this white to your collection and this made me love you even more!  Another almost opaque in one coat and impeccable!

Catrice Snow Motion! - a new white to the collection that is soft and gorgeous!  It has the squishy feel of a jelly without the streakiness and three coats! 

NOPI Yoga-Then-Yogurt - NOPI you hit it out of the park with this one! Immaculate in two coats, plus it has a slight off white feel for those days when bright white is not working for you!

Essie Marshallow - the white that started the obsession.  Marshmallow is not a perfect white.  It is thin, streaky and takes three coats to make it look good, but I love it! I love this white even though it is difficult. It's just so soft and pretty!  I will always forgive it's flaws even when I am frustrated with the application.  If you have used Marshmallow you  probably understand!

All my pretty whites in one post...oh such a happy place! Are you white obsessed like me? What is your favorite white?? Share your swatches with me! Either post them on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram! Especially if I haven't mentioned it in my post!  I am always looking for new whites!


  1. And we're happy to soak up all the knowledge you wish to share! :)

  2. Great choices of white! They all sound and look very nice.

  3. I love white too! One of my favorites is OPI- My Boyfriend Scales Walls, it has a slight gray hint to it, so it's not stark white. I use it all the time!

  4. A great white I like (especially for it's price range) is Sinful Colors Snow Me White. It takes two coats to be opaque, but it's also a great deal at $2 a bottle!

  5. I love a good white mani...and you showed us four good white mani's! :D

  6. I love to hear what your favorite whites are. I (and I imagine others also) use white so much. It acts as undies for most of my pastels, some of my mid-tones, and neons. And as a base for matte glitter polishes. I also like it under some of my silver polishes. There seems to be a never-ending quest for the perfect white! I use Essie Blanc more than any other white. I don't know if that's just habit or I like it that much! I also have WetnWild's French White Creme I use.
    I use a couple of sheer white polishes. When I have a polish that I feel is just too much, I use a thin overcoat of either OPI Timeless Is More or Don't Touch My Tutu to soften it a bit.
    I am saving this post for the suggestions on white polishes. Any time you want to do these types of posts, I think I can speak for all your fans that we would love to see them and enjoy them!

  7. You must have a gift. I can never make my whites look like that! :) All are gorgeous!

  8. You HAVE to get OPI's "My boyfriend scales wales".....omg you will be in LOVE <3


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