Thursday, April 3, 2014

Misa Summer Collection 2014

I have good and bad news today.  Good news, I have the second half of my Misa posts, the Summer Collection.  Bad news, they are not available for purchase yet.  That's ok right?! You can get a good look and decide which ones you need to add to your collection!

Shoot the Chute


Tumble Bug



Power Surge

Just like the Spring Collection, the formula with this collection was flawless.  I applied two coats of each polish and had smooth and even application.  Misa is quickly becoming a favorite brand!
All of the shades are bright and vibrant, which is perfect for any summer manicure.  My favorites are Tumble Bug, Gravitron and Power Surge.  These shades scream summer!  And just so you know Tumble Bug applied in two coats with no streaks, which is hard to find in a yellow polish.

Keep an eye out at so you can pick these up as soon as they are released!


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