Monday, April 21, 2014


Good Morning Everyone! I hope all of you had a fantastic Easter weekend!  I know I did!  Not only was the weekend beautiful I got to putz around the house and enjoy a four day weekend.  Unfortunately, today is my last day off and it is back to work tomorrow.  Before we know it summer vacation will be here!  

On to today's polish!  I have a new polish company to share with you today - POSHINALITY.

Launching 40+ shades which are a variety of cremes, glitters, vibrant bright and dark hues, POSHINALITY celebrates originality through its growing color palette, naming each colour after styles of fashion and personality types.  A straightforward summation of our brand is this:  Polish + Personality = POSHINALITY.  We created POSHINALITY with the tomboy and the girly girl in mind, as well as the bohemian hipster and the plain jane. 

With long-wearing and chip-resistant colour, each .43 fl oz bottle provides perfect application and durability.  Additionally POSHINALITY is vegan and toxin-free, containing no toluene, formaldehyde, DBP or camphor.   

Every bottle delivers intense colour and serves as a small reminder that we have the right to feel comfortable in our skin, helping you express who you are or how you feel on any given day.  That's why we don't just refer to any nail colour as just a nail polish. To us, it's a POSHINALITY.

I was given the choice of three lacquers to review and I picked a very pretty blue, Tomboy.

TOMBOY isn’t the typical blue.  It’s a beautiful blue jean hue with a smooth crème finish. 
Not one who lives for the approval of others, you’re a laid-back individual with a strong, independent mind. As one who is cool and confident, you don’t feel the need to explain the what’s, how’s and why’s of your mood or your androgynous style of fashion. Not conforming to the latest trends and fads, you are the relaxed sort who has learned not to sweat the small stuff and be comfortable in your own skin.

I applied two coats.

The formula with this lacquer was fantastic. It applied smooth and flawless.  You can see the shine in the photos. I did not add a top coat!  And I love the shade!  Such a beautiful dusty blue!  I am curious about the rest of the collection!

I do have one concern - the packaging.  This is how the polish arrived:

As you can see there wasn't much protection.  Hopefully if they are sending out more than one lacquer they consider using bubble wrap.  

Overall I think this is a great concept.  They have some wonderful shades!

.43 fl. oz. - $9.50
Visit our website -


  1. What a pretty blue grey shade! Love my cremes too.

  2. When I received my sample it was packaged the same way, but when I placed an order for two shades they were both bubble wrapped in the same box with the squiggly packing paper. I love this polish line.


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