Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More a-rhyming dictionary polish Love!

Are you ready for some more a-rhyming dictionary love???  I have three more lacquers from the Calvin and Hobbes Collection to share and the best part...they are HOLOS!!!  The holos in this collection are stunning.  Just take a look:

I applied two coats of this beautiful blue holo.  It is gorgeous!  The blue is perfect and then you get the holo!  Next to Stupendous Man this is a favorite from the collection.

Tiger Stretch
I applied ONE coat of this breathtaking rose holo.  It is so soft and beautiful!  And yes, I said ONE coat!

Calvin Ball
I applied two coats of this fabulous green. It is such a fantastic, sage-y, golden green.  

I love these holos so much I added them to the giveaway!  This entire collection has some amazing lacquers!  Don't pass up this opportunity to win five lacquers from the collection!


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