Monday, May 5, 2014

My Favorite Yellows!

I think it is time to do another "favorites" post!  I was thinking this weekend about my second favorite color - yellow!  Just like white, a good yellow lacquer is hard to find.  Most are streaky and require three coats for decent coverage.  And no one likes applying three coats!  I have managed to get my hands on a few perfect yellows.  If you are a yellow fan like me, you will love this post!

butter LONDON Pimms
When I applied Pimms for the first time I was beyond excited!  I was worried it would be chalky like Cheeky Chops, even though I love CC.  It wasn't!  It is a beautiful pure yellow creme that applies flawlessly in two coats.  I have also used Pimms for stamping and love the results!

OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana
A new favorite yellow!  There is so much to love about the OPI Brazil Collection, especially this yellow!  I Just Can't Cope-acabana is a beautiful bright, yellow that jumps off your nails!  I have used this yellow in many of my recent nail art posts and can see it being featured a lot in upcoming Summer manicures.  It is two coats of perfection!

Catrice Birdy Reloaded
This yellow was a complete surprise.  I am a huge fan of Catrice lacquers and when I applied Birdy it was a happy day!  Not only is it a perfect yellow, it has a gorgeous shimmer.  

Lime Crime Crema de Limon
If you are looking to take the bright yellow down a notch, I also have a couple beautiful soft yellows.  I wouldn't call Crema de Limon a pastel but it is very close.  This was the first yellow that I applied that was flawless.  Between the color and the application you can't go wrong with this lacquer!

NARS Shark
How about a truly soft, pastel yellow???  Shark is exactly that!  It is so soft and beautiful!  It is a pale yellow that is perfect for any Spring manicure.  I can't believe that I have only used this yellow once!  I see inspiration for an upcoming manicure!

Elevation Polish Streetside, NYC
I could not end this post without including Streetside, NYC.  I love an ugly polish and to me, Streetside, NYC is a stunning, ugly yellow!  It is kind of like a cross between a dirty yellow and a mustard yellow.  Plus, do you see the shimmer?  I have also stamped with this lacquer and loved the results.  

I hope you have enjoyed some of my favorite yellows!  Do you have a favorite?  Do you know of a perfect yellow that I have not mentioned?  Let me know!


  1. Those are some fun yellow picks!

  2. Since I started blogging, I've come to appreciate ugly polishes too!

  3. What's the lovely glitter on the last pic? I love yellow too :)

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  5. Those are some mighty pretty yellows!

  6. Yellow is my favorite color. I love your choices! I do like my yellows lighter - really love that Nars Shark! And the Lime Creme one. I do have a few - Clinique Yellow Genius, ChG Lemon Fizz, Model's Own Lemon Meringue, CG Pina Colada - but I usually have to be careful in applying them. From what I have read about yellow polish, that seems to be normal for them. Thanks for this post - you cannot know how glad it has made me to see so many yellow polishes. And especially your swatches of them!


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