Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Dotticure

Last week I took my niece to Sephora to reward her for her amazing grades and walked away with three lacquers.  It started as just looking to see what they had and I couldn't stop myself. I deserved a reward for hard work too! I bought them because they were perfect together...and one was white.  You know my obsession with white polish!

Here is what I got:

Formula X White Matter and Over the Top and Nails Inc. Notting Hill Gate

I knew the minute I saw White Matter that I was looking at an opaque white.  However, once I started to apply it I discovered that it has a weird formula.  I had to have the right amount on the nail or it would dry really weird.  I don't even know how to describe it.  Lumpy but not lumpy.  With careful application of two coats you do get a beautiful white.  You can't even see the flaws.

I am revisiting a dotticure that I haven't done since the first one (that is now my most stolen picture!)  But I only used my two new colors, Over the Top and Notting Hill Gate.

I LOVE these colors together! My top coat got rid of any flaws in the white.  Even though it was weird, White Matter is a fantastic white polish.  It wasn't streaky and applied in two coats.  Plus it is so crisp!  Yep, totally loving these new polishes!  It is another happy manicure!


  1. I love the green and pink polish! lovely shades altogether

  2. What a fun dotticure! Great color choices too.

  3. This mani immediately brought a smile to my face. Perfect choice of colors together, along with size and placement of the dots. Sounds like you had a good shopping day with your niece!

  4. A girl needs to treat herself sometimes. Loving the colour combination of those neon shades xx

  5. This looks so fresh and bright, love it!

  6. Such a fun mani; perfect for spring!

  7. These are so cute! I just love your dotticures! It was that image that you mentioned that I found your blog! Yay for that image! :)


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