Friday, May 16, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Decades - 20s Art Deco Twist

I always hope that I end my week with my best design.  In fact I typically plan my designs that way.  This week that didn't happen.  I got really stuck on my last manicure.  I spent days trying to find inspiration and nothing was helping.  So I just sat down and put something together.  I actually had some colors pulled, which helped.  In the end I went with an Art Deco design that I put my own twist on.

I started with two coats of Zoya Jacqueline.  

I sponged on a coat of Bettina Birds.

 And finished my gradient with Lime Crime Crema De Limon.

Here is where things got a little crazy.  I decided to do a gradient stamping using Milani White on the Spot, Barry M Grey, Milani Black Swift and W111.  In my head this looked wonderful, on my nails...not 100% sold.

It is a cool design, but I think I should have stuck with one stamping color.  Now that I am looking at it, gold might have been an interesting choice.  Let's call this an abstract/twisted interpretation of 20s Art Deco!  Can't say I don't step out of the box!


  1. That's cool. Love the layers of different colors.

  2. Oh I love the gradient stamp! These are so gorgeous!

  3. I love this...the gradient stamping is really cool, in my opinion!

  4. I actually really adore this! It's so different and well executed!!! Very clever :)

  5. I like the gradient stamping...but I know we are our own worst critics.

  6. The tips remind me of eyes with eyelashes :)

  7. i really really love this - i know what you mean about it being slightly jarring to the eye, but i think that's the exact same thing that makes me keep coming back to it and saying "wow"


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