Friday, May 2, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Skittles - butter LONDON Spring Skittle

Hello May and Hello to a new NCC theme!  Nothing like ending one theme and starting a new one in the same week!  May's theme is Skittles!  This is a technique that I should spend more time on.  I love doing Skittles with different designs, not just different colors.  My goal this month is to create some fun and unique skittles! Fingers-crossed!

For my first design I went with a Spring theme.  I am really feeling pastels and flowers right now.  I picked out some of my favorite soft butter LONDONs and a fun glitter!

I started with a base of Molly-Coddled, Cuppa and Fiver (two coats each).

I added Titchy as a gradient and full coverage.

Then I went crazy stamping images from GA21 and MoYou Mother Nature Plate 02.  I used Cotton Buds, Giddy Kipper and Pimms to stamp the images.

It actually looks like Spring exploded on my nails!  There is just so much going on, but I love it!  My favorite is the stripes and flowers. I will be revisiting that design!


  1. This is so pretty. I especially like your thumb!

  2. What a fun skittle! Looks great.

  3. Titchy is such a cute polish! I love what you did, so much more interesting than a regular skittle. Your nails are a great shape too x

  4. I love this; I love the layering you did with the stamping and the glitter. Your ring finger is my favorite, although of course the best part is the combination of them all, so perfect. :)

  5. love your nails, so pretty!

  6. So pretty! I wish I could step inside your brain sometime! :) They way you can think to add stamping to almost any mani and make it work is amazing! I love it!


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