Friday, May 23, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Skittles - Nautical Skittles

I wasn't planning on posting my last design for the month, but I had a spurt of inspiration!  I have been thinking about doing a nautical design for some time and the it finally came together!  And it is a big improvement over yesterday's design!

I started with two coats of butter LONDON Cotton Buds.

I have a lot going on! For my colors I used Blagger, Pillar Box Red, Pimms and Goss.  

For my images I used CH36, BM407, BM201, MoYou Hipster 08 and Mash75.

I decided it needed some sparkle so I lightly dabbed on some West End Wonderland. (Which has a cool sand effect!)

This design is crazy fun!  I really love my ring finger. The contrast between the yellow and blue is so eye-catching!  I am going to have to do another nautical design soon!


  1. What a cute theme to the skittle. I'm so envious of your stamping skills.

  2. I especially like the ring finger too--and Cotton Buds is an amazing white!

  3. Yes! There is so much awesomeness going on! Love the ring finger!


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