Thursday, June 19, 2014

Winstonia On the Road and Wedding Bliss Stamping Plate Review

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One of the things that makes me happy is new stamping plates.  I love getting new images.  I do own a lot of plates, probably not as many as some, and I always get excited when I see new plates being released. It means more nail art ideas!  Today I am happy to share two new plates from Winstonia

First up for review is On the Road.  I used Barry M Lychee and Watermelon for my stamping.  

The images are cut perfectly and transfer easily from the plate to the nail.  Plus the images are fantastic!  I especially like the single images.  The detail is amazing!  I stamped each image so you can see the clean and crisp images.

Next is Wedding Bliss.   I used butter LONDON Cotton Buds and Champers for my stamping.  (I was going for a subtle wedding look.)

Again, the images were cut perfectly making transfer to the nail quite easy.  Of course the plate has the wedding theme, but there are some great images on here that could be used for any design.  I LOVE the image on my middle finger and the birds!

And here are all the images.

These new plates from Winstonia are fabulous!  The images are new and fun, but most of all the plates are well made!  Stay tune for some fun manicures using these plates!

These plates are available through Winstonia for $4.95.  Good news!! You can use the code SAYIDO and save 10% on these two plates!


  1. They look great! Some new fun stamping plates to try out now.

  2. I love the roses design, will save me some time and mess when doing florals. Didn't think much of the plates when I first saw them, but those flowers just sold me. Thanks!
    BTW I own konad, BM a no name plates and winstonia and really they are the best, I was so disappointed with BM because the images don't transfer that sharp/good, tried different methods/polishes and not satisfying results but someone told me I must have had a bad batch that wasn't properly etched. **sighs**


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