Monday, July 21, 2014

Barielle Blue Gradient

I have some more Barielle lacquer to share with you.  In fact I actually have two posts worth of Barielle to share!  These lacquers are not new.  They are from past collections.  But if you have never seen them before, then they are new to you!

Today I have a set of blues!

Falling Stara marine blue with gold glitter.  This lacquer has been in my hands many times and I always put it back down.  It is finally mine!  I know it is described as gold glitter but to me this is more copper, which I love!  I applied two coats.

Berry Blue - a creamy navy blue.  This blue is so perfect! Not only is it dark and yummy it is also super pigmented!  One coat was beautiful but I applied another to level everything out.

Magna Cum Laude Turquoisea neon blue.   I wouldn't call this shade neon.  It is a light turquoise that is quite pretty but a tad thin.  The thinness did not take much away from the application.  It still applied nicely without streaking.  

I decided to take these three lacquers and create a blue gradient.

These blues blend together extremely well.  It almost looks like waves!  I am more than happy to add these blues to my HUGE blue collection!

Available at for $8.00.


  1. Gorgeous polishes and gradient! It totally reminds me of the ocean!

  2. Great blues and I love the gradient you did with them too.

  3. So pretty! I seriously need Falling Star in my life!


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