Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Barielle Dotticure

Press Sample

I am finally wrapping up my Barielle posts, at least until a new collection comes out!  Just like yesterday, these lacquers are from past collections.  But they could still be new to you!

This set of lacquers inspired me to create this dotticure.

Enduringan opaque white.  I have found another amazing white!  Perfect in two coats with no streaking! And just look how crisp it is!  I LOVE finding a perfect white!

Head of the Class Green - a neon green.  I would call this green almost a neon.  It could be a little brighter.  It is a seriously opaque polish that has amazing coverage.  A beautiful green but it stains!  Make sure you have a base coat and try to not hit your skin.  I tried to do a gradient with this shade and the clean up was not fun!  I'm going to save it for nail art.

Lemondropsa sun yellow creme.  This yellow is fabulous, but unfortunately it is streaky.  I was able to level things off with two coats, but make sure you give some time between applications.  This will lessen the streaks.  

To create my dotticure, I used the dry brush technique to apply Lemondrops.

I used my dotting tools to add the different sized dots at the tips.

And my last Barielle is this fantastic holo glitter Stardust.

Other than a couple disappointments, I have been really impressed with my first experience with Barielle.  
I had some behind the scenes help with these swatches and nail art.  To help me make these shades shine I used the following products.

I have also been impressed with these products.  I having been wearing the nail builder everyday and I have noticed a big difference in my nails.  They are healthy and stronger.  The nail oil is perfect after a long day of swatching!  The top coats worked great but I still need to do some testing, I'll get back to you!

Available at barielle.com.


  1. Those are some nice colors! Love the nail art too, its so fun and bright.

  2. I love these color! my fav for sure!! and that dotting designs is just too cute. :D

  3. This is so pretty! I love how cheerful the colors are!

  4. These are all new to me because Barielle isn't that readily available around here...odd ones at Winners occasionally unfortunately as they have beautiful polishes!


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