Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nail Design Inspired by a ModCloth Dress

I have done a lot of fashion inspired posts for different challenges and I have always enjoyed creating them.  Prints and designs are wonderful sources of inspiration, whether you are following the design completely or drawing on it for your own interpretation.  When ModCloth contacted me to create a nail design inspired by one of there dresses I knew I wouldn't be lacking in inspiration!

Here is my design.

If you have visited ModCloth, you know they have a huge selection of cute dresses, which made it difficult to decide on a dress.  I think I had ten pulled before my inspiration popped up!

Isn't this dress adorable?!?!  I was so sad to see that they were sold out of my size!  Well, I guess if I can't wear the dress I'll have to wear the design on my nails!

I started with two coats of Lime Crime Crema De Limon.

I added my roses first using Barry M Damson and MoYou Pro 08.

I added my next layer of images using Barry M Blue Plum.  The birdcage is from MM14, the birds are from JP7 and the butterflies are from W104.

I love these types of designs!  It has a fresh take on an Victorian design.  This was so much fun to create!  I might have to go back to ModCloth and find some more inspiration!


  1. Beautiful take on the cloth of that dress, love it!

  2. Awesome nails inspired by the dress!

  3. So pretty! And I really need to get my hands on some of the Barry M Gelly polishes!

  4. This is so so pretty! :)


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