Friday, July 25, 2014

Ruby Wing Wicked West Collection Swatches/Review/Nail Art

Press Sample

I am finally posting the new Ruby Wing Collection!  I have had so much going on that it has taken me longer than usual to get to this collection.  In some ways I did push it back a bit because I had a strong conviction that I would not like these lacquers.  I was guilty of judging quality before using.  I am happy to say that I was very wrong!  Once I started working with them my opinion swiftly changed.  

First, my teaser!

Saloon Sweatheart - dusty rose, pink inside and purple-ish, merlot outside.  I applied two coats.  The formula has a semi-jelly consistency to it.  Great coverage yet nail line was slightly visible.  This polish had the most dramatic change.

Tumbleweeds - yummy key lime, green inside and dark olive green outside.  The formula with this polish was a tad thin, however the second coat leveled out nicely.  

Wanted Dead or Alive - sky blue shimmer inside and gorgeous sapphire blue outside.  Fantastic application in two coats.  This blue is amazing! It is so bright and fresh!

Rodeo - bleached green neon inside and orange-y green outside.  I absolutely LOVE this green! It is fabulous!  I applied two coats but it is almost opaque in one!  I swatched this twice because I saw only a slight change in the sunlight.  I don't understand why this happened.  There was more of a change on my nail art than the swatches.  But I am not bothered by this because the green is flipping amazing!

Back on the Saddle - light orange flakies inside and bright orange flakies outside.  I applied two coats and as you can see, inside the nail line is very visible and outside it becomes opaque.  Amazing color shift!

Ride'Em Cowgirl - a gold  holo glitter inside and copper holo glitter outside.  This is a dab polish.  Don't expect to have the glitters stay in place if you swatch.  Plus it is a tad thick which can make placement a pain.  I would save this for accents and gradients.

And my nail art!  I have to say that it has a fun circus feel to it!

Look at those lines! Those are the most perfect lines I have ever freehanded! Look at them!!

I love these colors together over the blue!

And outside!

I completely admit that my first impression of these lacquers was wrong!  They have some fantastic shades and formulas.  If you are looking for something fun and different you can't go wrong with The Wicked West Collection!

Available at for $10.


  1. What fun colors in this collection! Great review and swatches. Love the nail art you created with them too. So fun!

  2. fantastic collection and nails :)

    Kisses from Poland! :)

  3. love that skittle- brilliant x


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