Monday, July 7, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Recreate Your First Four Nail Designs - Number One

Isn't this such a great theme?!  How fun to look back at the beginning and recreate my first attempts at nail art!  The only bad thing is that I started my blog in October so all my designs have Halloween or fall colors.  I think I will change them up a bit with some summer colors.  The good thing is that all of my first designs are very easy to recreate!

My first nail design was glitter tips.  I actually recreated this for my first blogiversary.  Here are all three.

I decided to go with a lighter more elegant look for my recreation.  My base is two coats of OPI Taupe-Less Beach.

I applied my glitter using a makeup sponge.  This gives a nice gradient glitter tip with perfect coverage.

The glitter is OPI In True Stefani Fashion.

This recreation is gorgeous! I think it would make a beautiful wedding manicure.


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