Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Recreate Your First Four Nail Designs - Number Three

I am on such a roll with this theme that I decided to do one more this week!  Then I will finish the week with some new polish!

My third design was my first attempt at sponging.  It wasn't that bad for the first time and the colors were pretty awesome.  With that said I kept the technique, kind of, and got rid of the color.

And the comparison - 

My base is NOPI I Shop Mintage.

I used the sponging technique, however I decided to finally try a makeup sponge instead of my usually eye shadow applicator.  I really am kicking myself for not trying this earlier!  I used NOPI Teal Me Something New.

Ok..I need to do this some more! You might be seeing a lot of gradients now!


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