Friday, August 22, 2014

Doctor Who's New Season

I have a short post today.  I am actually in a rush to get this done because I didn't schedule my time correctly.  That's the problem with going back to work!

As you all know I LOVE Doctor Who and the new season starts tomorrow!  I am excited to see how the new Doctor will work out.  So in honor of the new season I have a Doctor Who manicure!

I started with a brand new Pahlish lacquer - My Bespoke Psychopath - based on Doctor Who of course! This lacquer is gorgeous!

I decided to create a galaxy.  My first color is Sally Hansen White On.

Next is Misa Loveliest of the Lilacs.

Third is Misa Power Surge.
And lastly, Misa Blossom Awesome.

I went back and added some stars.

But the best part if my Doctor Who images!  I used plates Jr-31 and MJXII and applied them with Essie Penny Talk, No Place Like Chrome, Milani Spotlight and Barry M Blue Grape.

 I love the background with the images! I can't believe that this is my second galaxy nails!  I need to do more of these!  
I cannot wait until tomorrow night and the new season! Will you be watching?


  1. AWESOME!! I'm really curious about tomorrow's episode and the new Doctor! I love your galaxy nails and the stamping is so cool!

  2. Whoa, that Pahlish is amazing!! We don't have cable anymore, but my fiance loves the show, he just has to watch it later when it comes out on Netflix. I love the little adipose on your pinky! I thought they were so cute haha :)

  3. I can't wait for the new season. I will be at a wedding tomorrow night but I might just watch it when I get home!

  4. Never watched DW, been sporting adverts of the new season and new Doctor on BBC like 24 times in the hour or so I do watch telly. Don't think I'll ever watch it, but I love your mani.
    I have Barry M's blue grape, one of my favs ever, never thought could be good for stamping, will give it a try.

  5. These are some awesome looking galaxy nails!

  6. Love these! I am so excited for the new season! I'm trying to talk my husband into going on Monday to see it at the theater!

  7. Love it! I'm going to my parents' house to watch it since don't have cable. I can't wait to see the new doctor! What company makes these stamping plates?

  8. I am WILD AND CRAZY about this mani!!!! I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to watch it! I don't have cable and can't usually stream on a Saturday night! I hope hulu will show it a day or two after the air date!

  9. That Pahlish is stunning! And I need those images too, I love Dr Who!

  10. gorgeous galaxy - we haven't even caught up yet on what you think of King Capaldi xx


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