Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Milani Glacier

I am finally getting around to that huge pile of Milani nail polish!  If you watched my videos or follow me on Instagram you would have seen a picture of them.  It's big!  Milani redid their entire collection .  They released new colors and a new bottle design.  There is no way I can swatch and post the entire collection, so I am going to create various nail designs and swatch the colors I use.  This means that it is going to take me awhile to get through the collection but it will be fun doing it!

My first design is inspired by a picture I saw of a glacier.

I used the following shades to create this design.

Ink Spot
A beautiful one coat dark, navy blue.  Amazing formula.  I applied two coats to level everything out.

Water Front
Another gorgeous blue! I applied two coats, this is not a one coater, but still has an amazing formula.

Tattle Teal
This teal is brilliant, but a stainer.  I am really starting to think that teal means stain.  I applied two coats but I think I will save this one for nail art.

Spotlight White
Thank goodness they didn't mess with their white formula!  This white is so very close to being White on the Spot.  It is a tad thinner, but I am fine with that because the application is perfect!

The Design!
To start my design I applied a base of Spotlight White and sponged my blues using an eye shadow applicator.  I was going to use a make-up sponge but I knew clean-up would be a pain.

The picture of the glacier looked like it had lines running down it and I wanted to add this to my design.  I used a striper brush and mixed Spotlight White and Water Front.  The mixture gives the lines a frosty feel.

My top coats blends everything together perfectly.

I took a photo in the sun to better show off the blues.  

I know it is too early to start doing frosty manicures, but I just love mixing my blues!


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