Thursday, August 21, 2014

Milani Lines and Dots

How about some more of the new Milani lacquers???  I told you that it was going to take me awhile to get through the huge pile.  Choosing a few and doing a design seems to be the best way.  Otherwise I will by swatching forever.

Today's design is something different, I'll let you decide...

Here is the breakdown:

Dollface - bright, bubblegum pink.  Applied in two coats.
(tad washed out in the photo)

Silhouette - dark, army green with a beautiful subtle golden shimmer.  Applied in two coats.

Mint Crush - bright, mint green.  Applied in two coats.

Over my base of Mint Crush I added some Silhouette lines.

The Dollface dots really pulled this design together, however it is so different I'm not sure if I like it.

It is a fun manicure and it does have a melon feel to it.  What do you think?

As far as this set of Milani's, they are amazing! Perfect formula and application.  I can't want to try stamping with them!

You can pick up these shades at Kmart, CVS, Walgreens and Fred Meyers stores.  Or you can purchase online at


  1. Very nice colors and I think the nail art you did with them are cute too.

  2. I really love this, especially how that pink shouldn't work, yet somehow does. Great pattern


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