Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nail Care Video

Are you ready for another video?!?!
I am enjoying these videos more than I thought I would.  Granted my execution is not that great yet, but it is fun to do the videos!  I really need to work on using the camera.  Some of the video quality is not as clear as I would like and when I change the focus setting I get a clicking noise.  Boo!  All I can do is keep making videos and keep practicing!

This video walks you through my nail care routine.  You also get to see the tools and products I use.  I think I might do one more instructional video and then start making tutorials. I know you really want to see the tutorials!

I hope you enjoy the nail care video! If you have questions please comment or email me!


  1. Nice nail care video! It was great to see.

  2. Love it! I'm very impressed at how you use the Blue Cross stuff. I'm so messy at it! It just floods out on me! :)


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