Tuesday, September 23, 2014

KBShimmer Fall 2014

Press Sample

I had today's post specially planned to welcome the first day of Fall.  Apparently I can't read a calendar because the first day of Fall was yesterday!  Oh well!  Let's pretend that today is the first day of Fall and celebrate with a new Fall collection from KBShimmer!  These shades launched on the 15th so I am sure you have seen swatches already but I know how much you all love seeing more!

First let me share the design I created!

Hugs and Wishes - a light and dusty lavender.  I was worried with the first application because it was a little thin but everything evened out in two coats.

Stonewashed - a completely opaque in one coat denim, but I applied two.  Love this shade!

How You Dune? - a gorgeous grey putty!  I applied two coats.

Flannel Surfing - fantastic glitter/creme mix!  This colors in this are brilliant!  I applied two coats.

For my design I started with a gradient of the cremes.  They are beautiful together!

I added one coat of Kiss and Spell, which screams Halloween!  I did do some dabbing to place the larger glitters.

Once again I am utterly impressed with a KBShimmer collection!  The formulas and application where perfect as were the colors.  This is an indie that never fails to provide amazing nail polish and glitters!

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