Monday, September 22, 2014

NYC Crystal Couture Collection

Press Sample

Hello Everyone! I am starting the week off with some sparkle!  Mondays need more sparkle anyway!  NYC recently released a brand new set of glitters and I think you are going to love them!  Here is the Crystal Couture Collection!

Queen's Jewels - green jelly, packed with fine green glitter.

Ruby Queen - raspberry jelly with fine red glitter and an hint of purple.

Blue Majesty - blue jelly with fine blue glitter and a hint of navy blue.

NY Princess - dark purple jelly with larger purple glitter and a hint of blue.

Fashion Queen - golden-coppery goodness in a clear base.

Rule the City - charcoal glitter with a hint of red in a clear base.

I applied two coats of each glitter with amazing results.  These glitters don't disappoint! There are no bald spots and lots of coverage.  I actually like these out of the light because they are darker with much more sparkle.  If you are looking for some fun Autumn/Holiday glitters you can't go wrong with this set!  Great price - Great formula!


  1. pretty glitter colors, love it

  2. I saw these Saturday at HEB and grabbed that green glitter and red glitter right away. Then after seeing swatches on beauty blogs, I ran back today and grabbed the rest of the polish collection while they were still available. I am glad I did after seeing how pretty those gold and blue glitters are on you.


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