Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Zoya Fall 2014 Entice Collection

Press Sample

Today's design was inspired by Zoya's new Entice Collection.  This collection consists of the perfect fall shades with the perfect formula! I knew I needed a design to show these shades off.  The first thing that came to mind was a fall tweed look.

In this look:

I applied two coats of each of these shades.  Each applied flawlessly.  I was super impressed with everything about this collection.  I see them featuring heavily in my fall manicures!

Margo - gorgeous red plum.  A favorite.

Veronica - brilliant wine.

Ryan - classic indigo.  Another favorite, but I wouldn't call it an indigo because it is lacking that purple tone.  But it is still a beautiful blue, and you know how I feel about blue!

Genevieve - leather grey.  Also a favorite.  This grey has a great jelly-like formula that is fantastic!

Claire - rich burgundy.  

Nyssa - milk chocolate brown.

And my design!

You will not be disappointed with this collection!  
Bring on fall!!

$9 (US) Available on Zoya.com and at finer salons and spas. 


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