Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Barielle Me Couture Fall 2014

Press Sample

Today I have the new fall collection from Barielle, Me Couture.  This collection contains some of the most gorgeous autumn shades!  Just check them out!

Taupe Notch - two coats, grey taupe.

Boho At Night - beautiful, royal purple but a little thin.  I applied three coats.

Boho Chic - oh my green! Absolutely love this dark green!  Two coats.

Berry Posh - beautiful shade of berry, two coats.

Moda Bleu - magnificent dark indigo, two coats.

Vintage Gown - light brown shimmer, two coats. Gorgeous, but not with my skin tone.

I decided to do a simple, colorful dotticure.  These shades with the dots looks like fallen leaves!

Yes, there was some disappointment with Boho At Night, but overall this is a great collection.. The shades are perfect for any fall manicure.  As you can tell from the pictures, the application is smooth and flawless.  If you are looking for new fall shades this collection would be a great addition to your inventory!

This collection is available at for $8.00 per polish.


  1. Pretty fall colors these are. Love the dotticure you created with them.

  2. Lovely fall colors, the most impressive for me is Boho Chic and of course your cute dotted nail art!


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