Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jordana Limited Edition Playful Pastels Swatches/Review

Press Sample

Today I have a limited edition collection from Jordana Cosmetics.  They recently released the Playful Pastels collection, which is a tad surprising for the fall.  When everyone else is releasing fall colors, they throw out something completely different!

The colors!

Whimsical White - I applied two coats and find the formula to be a tad streaky.  Not a perfect white but not a complete disappointment.

Sunsational - Fantastic shade of yellow, however it was a little streaky.  I applied two coats and a light touch with application helps, same with the white.

Merry Mint - A very thin, dusty green.  Everything evened out after the second coat, leaving a soft, pretty green.

Pink Petunia - Bright, girly pink that also had a thin formula.  I applied two coats and like the green it seemed to even out.  (A little washed out in the photo)

Baby Blue - Such a pretty blue in the bottle, on the nail not so much.  This one is the worst of the bunch.  Extremely thin and streaky.  I applied two coats and had lots of streaks and bald spots.

Lively Lilac - The best of the collection. Two coats of fantastic formula.

I used all the colors to create this design.  I applied my stripes over a dry brush base.  Don't you think it would make a great Easter design.

Yes, there are some disappointments with this collection, but you can use it to create some great nail art!  

You can purchase these at KMart or


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