Friday, October 10, 2014

Shimmer Autumn

Press Sample

Today's design is all about stunning! Stunning polish and stunning glitter!  Anytime I use a Shimmer Polish I know that something amazing is going to happen. When I mixed two Shimmers with one of my new ManGlaze lacquers it was off the charts!

I started with two coats of ManGlaze Santorum.  This lacquer is seriously opaque and I probably could have gotten away with one coat.  It is the most beautiful brown I have ever seen!

I had planned on leaving some of Santorum showing, however my design went in another direction.  But the brown undie is perfect from this glitter bomb!  I started by outlining my nails with Shimmer Rochelle and Carmen.  As you can see I went back and filled each outline with the opposite color.

These Shimmer glitters are full on stunning!  There is never a problem with application and the sparkle is brilliant!  I know I lost some of the amazingness of Santorum with the glitter but it is still a beautiful undie!  It is like a Fall explosion on my nails!

Hurry over to Shimmer now to pick up these perfect Autumn glitters for $12.00 each.  And you can pick up Santorum at ManGlaze for $13.13.


  1. You're making me LOVE Santorum, uh oh! Glorious manicure!

  2. this is so pretty! great idea to put it on a matte polish

  3. So pretty! That glitter just screams fall to me.

  4. Awesome combo! That glitter mix is so pretty.

  5. Love the colors in this polish even though I'm not normaly so much inte brown manicures.


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