Friday, October 17, 2014

The Digi-tal Dozen Does: Floral - Floral on Floral

For my last design I decided to finally try out my Rica lacquers.  I order three of them awhile ago and thought why not try something fun and bright.  As you can see it didn't turn out as bright as I would like.

The base is two coats of White Out.  A fantastic white that is extremely opaque. 

I added my first floral using Mellow Yellow and the rose image from MoYou Princess 09.  It stamped great but you can barely see the image.

I added my second image using Summer Mint and another floral image from Princess 09.  This one is even harder to see.

This was such a great idea but failed with the fact that you can't even see the design.  The lacquers stamped wonderfully but not on white.  I just assumed that they would be great because they are designed as stampers.  I guess they are formulated more from darker bases.


  1. aw I'm so sorry this didn't work. You don't often have a fail, but it's a struggle to see the pattern here :( xx

  2. It may not have been as bright as you'd have liked but it's good in a subtle way.

  3. Ahhh so frustrating when a design is awesome, but just doesn't photograph well! I still love this...feels summery to me :)

  4. Love these colors! Sad that they don't show up so much on the white.


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