Friday, November 7, 2014

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins

Press Sample

I have another awesome collection from Color Club to show you today!

Here is Seven Deadly Sins, a gorgeous matte texture collection!

Indulge Me - stunning burnt orange shade, perfect for Autumn! Two coats.

Fierce - a dark and beautiful brown!  Two coats.

Dirty Money - unique, sandy shade.  Classical beautiful and very vintage.  Two coats.

Under Your Spell - gorgeous golden, purple! A favorite of the collection! Two coats.

Friends with Benefits - lilac, purple with a crinkled foil like finish.  Two coats.

Obsessed - spell-bounding dark texture with hints of teal.  Another favorite of the collection! Two coats. 

You're So Vain - crazy, beautiful dark purple! LOVE! Two coats.

I used all the shades to create this fun plaid design.

This is a fantastic collection!  The shades are gorgeous and the application was perfect!  If you are looking for something fun and different, you can't go wrong with this collection!


  1. Those polishes look lovely, and I love your plaid design!

  2. What a great collection and the plaid design you got here is fantastic!


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