Thursday, December 18, 2014

Frozen featuring Shimmer Polish Jenny and Alice

Press Sample

Alright all you Frozen lovers, this design is for you!  Not only is this manicure perfectly Frozen, it is also fantastically easy to create!

I layered one coat of Jenny over OPI Keeping Suzi At Bay.  This combination alone is amazing!  Just look at that coverage! This is why Shimmer is my favorite glitter!

To create my Frozen design I used an eye shadow applicator and dabbed Alice around the base of my nails.  Then I lightly dragged it up my nail to create the icicle effect.  Alice has a fabulous iciness to it that is perfect for this design.  Plus it is simply stunning!  Because the formula is so perfect it made creating this design super easy.

You can pick up these and other fantastic glitters at Shimmer Polish.


  1. Nice paring together! It feels so cold just looking at these nails.


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