Sunday, December 28, 2014

Last of the Milanis!

Press Sample

After many months, I have finally reached the end of my huge pile of Milanis!  It took me many months to get through them all and I feel like I have made a great achievement now that it has come to an end.  And I am ending it with a fantastic design!

Modern Rouge - jelly-like, classic red.  Great formula and coverage. Two coats.

Crimson Jewel - gorgeous jelly, red glitter. Fantastic coverage. Two coats.

Lovely Amethyst - soft, metallic lavender.  The formula was a tad thin with this metallic but two coats evened everything out.

The reason I think this design is so amazing is that I free handed it! I can't believe that I was able to get such straight lines!  And the colors do look pretty cool together.


  1. Great to see this and to hear that you went through all your Milani polishes too.

  2. I don't think I really like these three individually, but altogether they pack a powerful punch! (I love alliteration. :P )

  3. I could have sworn that was a tape mani! Great job getting such perfect lines! Crimson jewel is my favourite of the three, gorgeous red.

  4. You did this freehand!? Wow, it's amazing!! Crimson Jewel is the only one of the three that is winning me over on its own, but they all look lovely together!

  5. I love it!!!!!!!!


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