Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does: Winter Wonderland - Gilded Wonderland

For my second Winter Wonderland design I went with a gilded look.  I was inspired to create another Holiday Glam look with my Q-Tip Precision Tips!

I created this look using the following steps.  
Start with a white base.  I used Milani Spotlight White.

Here is where things get messy.  I added some silver snowflakes using Essie No Place Like Chrome and Born Pretty Plate 01.  Stamping with a metallic can get very messy and clean up can be a pain.  Q-Tips Precision Tips have the perfect design to clean off any left over metallic.  The narrow precision tip allows me to get close to the cuticle without smudging my design.

No messy metallic residue! All Holiday Glam!

My next step was to add gold trees using Essie Good As Gold and BM407.  Once again I used the Precision Tips to clean up any golden residue.

I could have gone shiny but my matte top coat was calling out to me!  Matting this design took it to a whole new level!

Head over to the Q-Tip Instagram page to discover other tips and hints to create your own Holiday Glam look!


  1. Both of them look great and feel so wintery.

  2. The depth you've achieved in this mani is simply, amazingly beautiful.

  3. Classically beautiful! You never cease to amaze me with you stamping skills and ideas!

  4. The double stamping really does the trick! And mattified looks so great: as if it's snowing on your nails <3

  5. What a stunning colour combination!

  6. I am totally loving all the layers! You really have an eye for that!

  7. This is SO FABULOUS! You are on fire this week :)

  8. I really love the washed out frostiness of this - great mani xx

  9. I really need a small snowflake stamp! This reminds me of really luxe wrapping paper. So pretty!


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