Thursday, January 29, 2015

Born Pretty Store Plate 05 Review

Press Sample

Today I have another stamping plate review. The plate is Born Pretty Store 05.

BP05 consists of many images, mostly floral.  There are a couple random ones like the owl and pharaoh.  These images are a tad on the small side.  They fit perfectly on my nails but those with large or longer nails might find them too small.  There is always some worry with thinner lines but that wasn't an issue.  Each floral image transferred perfectly from the plate to my nails.  I added them using NOPI Lay It On the Lime over That's Putting It Mild.

I added the flower using My Sol Shines Brighter and the owl using This Blue Is So You.  Both of these images were just the right size as an accent.  They also transferred perfectly.

Size is the only concerning factor with this plate.  The images will work with larger/longer nails, you'll just have to be careful or do some overlapping.  The etching is perfect and the images are interesting.

Don't forget to use my code while shopping at Born Pretty Store!


  1. These look great! Your so good at aligning and placing the images on your nails. I struggle with that a lot.


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