Monday, January 19, 2015

Liquid Palisade Manicure

A couple weeks ago I actually won a giveaway.  I was very surprised by this because I never win anything.  The prize was something I have been wanting for quite awhile, Kiesque Liquid Palisade.  This is a pretty hot item in nail art right now.  Anything that makes clean up quicker is a must have for me!

Of course I wanted to use it right away, but I didn't want to just use it for clean up.  I knew there was another way to use Liquid Palisade!

I started with one coat of OPI Angel With A Leadfoot.  I only applied one coat because I knew most of it would be covered up.

Next I sponged some colors, starting with I Just Can't Cope-Acabana.

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

Where Did Suzi's Man-Go


I added some Liquid Palisade lines randomly over the sponging.
Before you proceed, I highly recommend applying a top coat and waiting for it to dry.  Applying directly can cause the polish to peel off when removing.

I added a coat of Taupe-Less Beach.

This is one of the coolest manicures I have ever done!  


  1. wow, that is such a cool idea. really awesome!

  2. This is so cool looking! The sponged nail art is really gorgeous.

  3. Cool idea to use the liquid palisade that way.

  4. oh bravo!!! i've been meaning to try this. YOu got SUCH a good result xx

  5. Congrats! I love this mani! It is so cool! I went and bought the hair glue from Sally's and though it has an odor, I love it! Makes clean a breeze!


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