Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bundle Monster CYO 2014 Plate 617 Review

Press Sample

My next stamping plate review comes from Bundle Monster CYO 2014 Plate 617.  This plate features some fun geishas and flowers.  With this review I decided to really put the images to the test!

 As you can see above, I used two of the floral images.  There are some thin lines with these images so I was very interested to see how they would transfer.  

My design started with a coat of Spotlight White.  The only purpose of this white base was to help keep the colors as vibrant as possible. 

I created a bright gradient using Catrice I Am A Lob-Star, Raspberry Fields Forever and Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans.  Such a messy process! That's Liquid Palisade around my nails to help with clean up.

To add my images I used Black to the Routes.  This is not an opaque lacquer so here is the test.  Would the images transfer with a non-stamping black??  As you can see they did! The transfer from plate to nail was perfect.  Just look at those clear, clean lines!  Especially the thin ones.

Another perfect plate from Bundle Monster!  Remember you can but this plate as a single or the entire collection.


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