Tuesday, February 24, 2015

butterLONDON Glitter Scrubbers Review

Press Sample

You all know that removing glitter is one of the biggest problems of a nail polish addict.  We love the sparkle but we hate having to take it off.  Okay, not the having to take it off, the struggle of scrubbing and scrubbing or walking around with foil fingers. My hands hurt just thinking about it!

When I saw that butterLONDON released their new Glitter Scrubbers I had to try them out!  Not only was I sent the Scrubbers, I was also sent Lovely Jubbly.

Product Information:
-Ultimate glitter remover
-Intensely saturated wipe for easy glitter removal for up to 10 nails
-Innovative dual-sided wipe that offers a textured side to remove glitter, and a soft side to wipe away excess particles
-Conditions with Vitamin E and Aloe
-Individually-wrapped, perfect for travel

I needed a glitter manicure to properly review the Scrubbers!  I created this glitter gradient using Yummy Mummy and Lovely Jubbly.  I wore it for two days to make sure the glitters were nice and cemented!

This glitter with the nude base is gorgeous!  Plus Lovely Jubbly's fine glitter is perfect for a gradient.

You get 10 of these Scrubbers in each box.

Directions on the back.

Nice size Scrubber.  I wasn't prepared for the moistness of the package.  I dribbled some remover on the floor when I pulled it out.

The Scrubbers have two sides.  This textured side is the one that will work at that stubborn glitter.

After about five minutes of scrubbing this is what my nails looked like.

And in about another five minutes all the glitter was gone.  I used one Scrubber for all ten fingers.  The textured side grabbed and loosened all the glitter.  AND my cuticles looked better after I used the Scrubber!  They looked and felt moisturized, which is not how they look when I use my acetone.  You won't get instant glitter removal but I'm pretty happy with it taking about ten minutes.  It's much better than soaking your nails and skin in acetone.  They are $12 a box, which some might find pricey, but I would buy them, and I probably will.

Now I have to show you the original manicure I created for this review.  I wasn't going to but it is kind of cool.
I started with a base of Wellies.

I wanted to put the Scrubbers to the test so I went with a lot of glitter. I liked the idea of taping it off so there would be lines of Wellies.  I used Lovely Jubbly and Tart With a Heart.  It is an interesting look and I should have stopped here.

But I didn't!  I added Titchy to Tart With a Heart and some Stardust.  Yep, got a little out of control.

Still kind of a cool manicure!


  1. Love that glitter in the glitter gradient so much.

  2. I really like your in between glitter mani with Wellies, Lovely Jubbly, and Tart With a Heart.


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