Thursday, February 26, 2015

Milani Fierce Foils Swatches and Review

Press Sample

I have so many new collections to share and it seems like it is taking forever to post them. I have the swatches done, I just don't seem to have enough time to fit them all in!  Some of them have been out for a little while, and maybe you have seen swatches already, but I am sure you won't complain seeing more!

It's Fierce Foil time!  Milani has released a new collection and it is pretty awesome! 

Venice - a gorgeous blue with hints of pink.  I was worried that the formula would be thin but the application evened out in two coats.  A favorite!

Capri - hot pink with hints of gold.  A very girly foil.  I applied two coats.

Rome - soft, lavender with hints of gold.  I applied two coats.

Milan - chunky gold.  More glitter than foil.  Good coverage for a glitter but sparse when compared to the others in this collection.  Dark rich gold that catches color in light.  I applied two coats.

Sardina - stunning forest green with hints of gold.  Another favorite! I applied two coats.

Florence - beautiful, pearlescent finish.  This is more of a layering polish.  I applied two coats and you can see how thin it is.  

I used the Foils to create this fun thin French.  The bright colors look fantastic next to the light pearlescent Florence.  

Overall I thought that this collection was wonderful.  Each one applied flawlessly, even the chunkiness of Milan.  Any of them would be a great way to spice up a manicure.  Especially Venice and Sardina! 

Available were Milani is sold.  If you order them at they have free shipping on orders of $25 of more.


  1. Nice swatches! There very pretty and sparkly.

  2. I got Venice and Sardina or however it is sposed to be spelled....kind of regret skipping Rome....only saw this display once...

  3. I grabbed all of these when I saw them at CVS. I have only seen these once though, and the display was on the bottom shelf so I really had to look to find them. I have only worn the white one so far, but it is a beautiful polish and I am happy that I picked them all up after seeing your swatches!


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